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A$299per person

Unlimited Adventure

Unlimited Bungy Jumps, Unlimited Giant Swings, Lunch & Jumpers Edition T-Shirt - you will never forget this day!

It's time to really get your adrenaline pumping!

Experience a rush like no other with Unlimited* Bungy Jumps AND Unlimited* Giant Swings!

Lunch is included too!

Come and see how much you can experience in a day.

Work your way through our 16 different jump styles and perfect the art of Bungy!

And you can jump on to the Giant Swing go solo or fly with friends to feel extreme speed and acceleration as you soar through the rainforest and reach speeds of up to 120km/h in 3.5 seconds.

(*Minimum 3x Bungy, Giant Swing and Walk the Plank guaranteed)

Level 4
  • Unlimited Bungy
    Guaranteed minimum of 3
  • Unlimited Giant Swing
    Guaranteed minimum of 3
  • Unlimited Walk the Plank
    Guaranteed minimum of 3
What you get
  • Unlimited Bungy, Giant Swing and Walk the Plank
  • Bungy e-Certificate
  • Giant Swing e-Certificate
  • Walk the Plank e-Certificate
  • Free lunch
  • Free jumper's t-shirt
  • Free return transfers
  • Skypark Global Membership - 20% off worldwide

Perfect Safety Record

We take safety extremely seriously.
Learn about our safety equipment and processes.

Learn more
  • Minimum age is 10 years old for Bungy
  • Minimum weight is 45kg for Bungy
  • Minimum solo swing weight 55kg
  • Maximum solo swing weight is 150kg
  • Maximum combined swing weight 200kg (2 or 3 persons)
  • Under 18's require a parent or guardian signature on their activity waiver
  • Please see full list of medical conditions under safety.
  • 48 Hours or more - full refund; under 48 hours - no refund