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Skypark in April

Welcome to the exciting new world of Skypark Macau Tower!

At Skypark by AJ Hackett, we believe that life is for living and every day we should do something that makes you feel truly alive. We bring adventure, excitement and a positively life changing experience to people right across the world. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and have no plans for slowing down.

Back in the early 1980’s, AJ Hackett – a young Auckland builder with a love of thrill-inducing sports – discovered a ritual by Pentecost Islanders by which men throw themselves off 35 metre-high wooden towers, with their ankles attached to vines

This daring activity appealed to AJ, but the idea of injury or death certainly didn’t, so he set to work to make it predictable and as safe as possible so everyone could enjoy it. This led to the birth of Bungy Jumping and more broadly the adventure tourism market.

Since those early days, AJ has been on a quest to discover bigger, more exciting jumping places right around the globe. He has also developed many new gravity defying products helping people to get out of their comfort zones and feel that life changing rush.

In the last 30 years, we’ve safely jumped some 5 million people; individuals from all walks of life and abilities. If the mind is willing, we can make it happen.

Always keen for the next adventure we are now ‘Skypark by AJ Hackett’. This celebrates everything that AJ Hackett is famous for - creating positively life changing experiences through a range of gravity defying activities - whilst creating inclusive and inspiring fun destinations that you will want to keep coming back for.

Welcome to Skypark by AJ Hackett… adventure is waiting for you, so make your booking to create history today!

Crazy Jump Day

Our signature ‘Crazy Jump Day’ is an annual event that is widely publicized, both locally and internationally. Each year an event theme is chosen and participants  get as crazy and creative as they like with their costumes.  Participants get great deals and the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Stay tuned for event information and we look forward to seeing you at this year's Crazy Jump Day!