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AJ Hackett


AJ Hackett is the kiwi innovator who built a business empire on adrenaline and adventure.

From that day in 1987 when he launched himself into the world's eye by leaping off the Eiffel Tower with a rubber cord attached to his feet, Hackett has gone on to become one of New Zealand's most visible and unique entrepreneurs.
The bungy jumping industry that he started has opened bold new avenues for tourism and has expanded the minds of millions of people worldwide. Hackett's personal life and business philosophies match his have-a-go ethos. Aptly, for a man who made his name encouraging others to jump off bridges, Hackett is drawn to risk and has developed a knack for managing danger.

In the commercial world, he has always preferred to leap boldly than to hold back. This has led to some hard lessons. The same taste for adventure that excited Hackett as a child still drives the man today as he looks for new challenges and his business moves into a period of unique growth and change.

Challenge life. Challenge yourself.
Every day, do something that reminds you that you're still alive.